Padman movie review : Akshay Kumar keeps changing the mindset of small thinking

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Star Cast : Akshay Kumar, Sonam Kapoor, Radhika Apte

Director : R. Balki

Producer : Twinkle Khanna

Budget :55 Crores( inclusive of Akshay Kumar's salary) + Prints & Advertising Cost: 15 Crore = 70 Crores

Screen count : India: 2750 And Overseas: 600

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Padman Movie Review: Apart from Akshay, Radhika Apte and Sonam Kapoor are also in the film. Akshay is playing the character of a person who tries to understand their difficulties during the period of women

Good Or Bad

Akshay Kumar is the strongest aspect of the film. He has given heart to every color of the character of Pedman. Lakshmikant Chauhan is an ordinary man with extraordinary courage. PadMan throws up forbidden topics for discussion and also questions the notion of masculinity.
What Bad It tends too get melodramatic at times & also some things just get executed to easily and quickly.Slow screenplay and over dramatised scenes failed to keep me hooked on it for good 2 hours and 20 minutes without getting distracted. Radhika Apte looked a misfit in the film and Akshay seemed to be the only saving grace.


Padman, The film will be based on "The Sanitary Man of Sacred Land", a short story from Twinkle Khanna's book, The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad, which is inspired from the life of Arunachalam Muruganantham, a Tamil Nadu-based social activist who revolutionized the concept of menstrual hygiene in rural India by creating a low-cost sanitary napkins machine.Padman revolves around the story of Arunachalam who invented low-cost sanitary pads


The story of the film is Maheshwar based in Madhya Pradesh, where Lakshmikant Chauhan (Akshay Kumar) is known for helping everyone, but people are always called crazy because of their hailping nature. Then Lakshmikant Chauhan is married to Gayatri (Radhika Apte), but after marriage Laxmikant finds the menstruation of women. Laxmikant tries to make a Pad for his sister, wife and mother. But with this effort, the whole village considers it wrong and dirty. Lakshmikant's wife Gayatri also leaves him. Then Lakshmikant leaves village to meet his passion.This, broadly speaking, is the first half of the 140-minute PadMan. Until the intermission where he meets Pari (Sonam Kapoor). Pari inspires Laxmikant to fulfill his dream. Laxmikant succeeds in his plans. Lakshmikant Chauhan is an ordinary man with extraordinary courage.

Star Performance

Akshay Kumar is the strongest aspect of the film. He has given heart to every color of the character of Pedman. As an actor, he is seen in every way in the film and in the course of his role, the audience gets rest assured that despite being victimized by the family and society, why do they want to sanitary pad?
Radhika Apte is one of today's prime-time actresses and she has done her rolls smoothly.
As a Pari, Sonam Kapoor does the work of relief not only in the story but also in the film. The film's supporting cast is also strong. The screenplay contrives a scene for Amitabh Bachchan playing himself, to laud the hero's yeoman work.

PadMan Movie Review

After the film 'Toilet Ek Premkatha', Bollywood star Akshay Kumar has now come to theaters through the film 'Padman' on 9th February. Akshay has made many such films till now which seems patriotic or giving a sensitive message to the society. The film 'Padman' gives message to men to be clean during menstruation. In the backward or rural areas, women still do not use sanitary pads. What does the sanitary pad mean for women? What is the need of sanitary pad for women, the film makes it aware.

Padman released on 2750 screens in India while in overseas, it released on 600 screens. The Worldwide total screen count for 3350. The film is made on a Average budget too. Yes, the cost of production is Rs 55 Cr while the printing & Advertising costs equal ₹ 15 Cr making the total budget of Rs 70 Cr.

Padmab Review: The Last Word

This film will help you to explain that it is not a shame, but it is a chance to do something. The situation will change only if the circumstances change So this Weekend let's look at something new with your family so that you do not have any time to understand it through the film in just a few hours.

Review By Other

The Guardian

This good-natured, big-hearted film from India puts a romantic topspin on a true story. But it’s an engrossing and important subject – which was raised by a man who challenged patriarchal taboos with a candour and determination that many men all over the progressive world might shrink from even now. More


PadMan is a well-intentioned film that derives strength from Akshay Kumar's gusty performance although he isn't strictly the right fit for the role of a just-married man. Radhika Apte is, as always, a scene-stealer. She contributes majorly to ensuring that the exchanges between the protagonist and his wife do not veer into corniness. Sonam Kapoor, who surfaces well into the second half, makes the most of the limited opportunity. More

Times Of India

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. Through Padman, R Balki tell s the real life inspiring story of Arunachalam Muruganantham (played by Akshay Kumar), a social entrepreneur from Coimbatore, who invented low cost sanitary napkins in India, despite the massive opposition and humiliation he was subjected to. The director changes the film's setting to Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh, while retaining the core of his courageous story.More


“Auraton ke liye sabse badi beemari hai sharam (the biggest disease for women is shame),” - this line from the Akshay Kumar-starrer PadMan suggests how women are often forced to believe that they always need to be under some kind of veil which they can never remove. But I’m glad that's not what director R Balki wants to convey through his social drama, at all.More

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